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Enjoy a taste of a Boat Tour in Istanbul while sailing on a lavish private yacht.

You may take in the stunning Bosporus in a really charming way. Both the European and Asian coasts of the Boat Tour in Istanbul provide stunning sights for you to enjoy.

This journey will give you the chance to see the stunning Bosphorus. You will be awed by the breathtaking sights of Istanbul’s Bosphorus forts, palaces, private homes, and nature.

Included tour

  1. Private Yacht Rental
  2. Pickup and Dropoff at Kandilli or Bebek (Europe) (Asia)
  3. System for Bluetooth music
  4. Surcharges for all fuel
  5. Insurance

Food and Drink

Lunch or dinner with soft drinks, beginning at 600TL
Cake for a celebration, small 500TL, large 1000TL
Big 1200TL and tiny 600TL baklava cakes
Bottle of local champagne or wine, 700TL
Bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut, 4000TL

Booking Guidelines

Reserving is necessary. Once 50% of the total price has been paid in advance, the reservation is complete.
A confirmation will be emailed following the reservation.
On request, vegetarian and vegan options will be provided.
The safety guidelines provided by the Lotus Staff should be followed by visitors.
Tour departure and arrival times might be modified upon request and depending on availability.
Depending on space, a tour can be extended for an additional fee per hour.
You can plan the itinerary based on your choices.

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Alternatives to Yachts

Each yacht has a private charter that includes a captain and crew.
Only you and no other guests will be present.
The yacht you choose to rent may affect the hourly rates. Contact us if you would like further details.


Our romantic proposal trips depart from Bebek, Istanbul’s most opulent and vibrant neighborhood. The atmosphere of this romantic excursion will wow both you and your significant other.

Proposal boat

To ensure that your proposal comes as a complete surprise, you might request a surprise welcome to the yacht in accordance with a scenario that we jointly decide upon. We can then play this scenario as we begin our tour.
Istanbul’s Bosphorus, the meeting place of two continents, will give your tour a little additional chick appeal, and we’ll make sure you and your significant other have a wonderful day.


You can surprise the people you care about with a wonderful birthday cruise down the Bosphorus, or you can have the birthday of your dreams for yourself.

  • Surprise Scenario of Welcome Upon Request
  • Rent a Lotus Yacht privately
  • Pickup and Dropoff at Kandilli or Bebek (Europe) (Asia)
  • System for Bluetooth music
  • Surcharges for all fuel
  • Admin Fees
  • Insurance

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