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Dubai Travel Guide

Contrasts abound in Dubai. The city’s glittering skyline is made up of skyscrapers that are so tall they defy comprehension. Additionally, there is a contemporary collection of shops and restaurants that provide travelers with every type of option imaginable. Finally, there are opulent hotels that are prepared to accommodate even the most discerning traveler in style and excess.

Then there is the Best desert hotel, with its undulating hills of sand imprinted with the prints of Arabian oryx and gazelles; the souks, with their maze-like labyrinth of stalls and bins overflowing with a rainbow of spices, the aroma filling the air, and the traditional abra boats ferrying passengers across the Dubai Travel Guide Creek.

In the previous few decades, the city has grown from its humble origins as a port in the desert to a sprawling metropolis with thriving neighborhoods, world-record-breaking structures, and extravagant shopping malls (excavation work on the fabled Burj Khalifa didn’t even start until January 2004).

It can be a place where you can grab an avocado toast and unwind on the beach, a place where you can appreciate a desert conservation reserve, a place where you can shop ’til you drop, or a place where you can party the night away, all in the same day.

These contrasts are what gives the city its vibrancy, making it so interesting and enjoyable to explore.

Best Time to Go to-Dubai Travel Guide

Although Dubai is hot all year round, December has some of the greatest travel conditions, with average temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. The early mornings and evenings in the desert are frequently significantly cooler, and air conditioning is widely available throughout Dubai, so those who want to take a sweater are also in luck.
The annual Dubai Shopping Festival, which has fantastic sales, live entertainment, and giveaways, is another reason to travel during the winter.

Dubai beautifull place

Best Hotels in Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa, one of Dubai’s and the world’s most recognizable structures, is home to this opulent hotel. Offering breathtaking views of the city and the Arabian Gulf below, the hotel occupies the first eight levels as well as the 38th and 39th floors of the tallest building in the world. After a long day of shopping at the neighboring Dubai Mall, guests will unwind in the hotel’s rooms, which were created by Giorgio Armani, who also serves as the hotel’s namesake.

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