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Canada is a huge, stunning country with friendly people, amazing cities, and unique scenery. The Great White North is a vast nation with something for everyone, spanning over 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles) from the cold tundra of the Yukon to the rugged beaches of the east coast.

Due to its proximity to the US, inadequate flight connections, and lack of affordable cross-country travel choices, the Canada Trip plan is frequently skipped by on many round-the-world travels.
However, they are missing out on so much! With an abundance of outdoor activities for all skill levels, Canada is one of the best nations in the world for RVing and road trips. Canada is a fantastic destination for backpackers.

I adore my neighbor to the north and think that Canada is a truly undiscovered travel destination. After all, there is a reason why everyone in the world adores Canadians.

And to top it all off, getting a working vacation visa that enables you to stay here is straightforward longer and earn money while you travel (there are huge seasonal industries across the country).

This Canada travel guide can assist you in organizing your vacation, making financial savings, and getting the most out of your time in this welcoming natural paradise.

Tour Toronto-Canada Trip Plan

Given that more than half of its residents were born outside of Canada, Toronto is frequently referred to be the world’s most multicultural metropolis. It’s a great, trendy, artistic city. If you’re looking for delicious food and hip boutiques, Kensington Market is a must-visit area. The city’s expansive Chinatown is also a great place to find delicious food. The CN Tower offers the best views of the city if you want to act like a tourist. Consider going to some of Canada’s Lake Ontario beaches in the summer to go swimming and participate in water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and more.

Tour Toronto city

Jasper and the Columbia Icefield

One of the most beautiful roads in the nation, the Icefields Parkway connects the Western Canadian cities of Banff and Jasper (if not the world). Visit the Columbia Icefield, a sizable icefield that feeds eight glaciers, along the journey. Travelers may access the 10,000-year-old Athabasca Glacier, where they can stroll across it and even sip chilly glacier water. If you’re not afraid of heights, head out onto the glass-floored Skywalk at the edge of the cliff for a breathtaking overview of the surrounding area. You may easily get there by taking a big bus or signing up for a hiking excursion that includes a glacier trek. Even though the restaurant at the top is a bit pricey, the vista alone makes it worth a coffee.

Road trip

Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick make up Canada’s east coast. This is the place to go if you want to spend your days hiking, lounging by the ocean, and watching whales. With its undulating hills, lush green coastal cliffs, and foamy shoreline, Nova Scotia is occasionally regarded as the world’s most picturesque province. There are vibrant tiny fishing towns like Lunenburg, which is one of Canada’s “Prettiest Painted Places” and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has mouthwatering fresh seafood and amiable inhabitants. Make sure to block off a few days for an amazing drive down the 298-kilometer (185-mile) Cabot Trail around Cape Breton and some time to spend in the Highlands National Park.

Celebrate the Calgary Stampede

For this multi-day rodeo, drinking festival, and carnival where everyone gets to be a cowboy, almost 1 million people travel to Calgary in July. You’ll meet a tonne of individuals from all over the world, and it’s a tonne of fun. Book early because it’s one of Canada’s premier events because rates are going up and space is going quickly! If you want to blend in, don a hat and cowboy boots as well.

Celebrate the Calgary Stampede

Explore Calgary

Since it’s not on the shore, Calgary is frequently overlooked by tourists, but it actually has a lot to offer in terms of free and inexpensive activities. Visit one of the city’s many parks for a picnic, try rollerblading, catch a hockey game, or climb to the top of one of the nearby peaks. You may simply rent a bike and ride around the city on one of its numerous bike routes. This area also offers excellent hiking, kayaking, skiing, water rafting, and camping opportunities. Although long derided as an oil town, it is actually one of Canada’s liveliest communities.

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